ECS Dr. Merck, Ear Correction System, Constance, Germany
This forum aims at comparing Dr. Merck's stitch method with traditional methods as well as documenting experiences with both kinds of operations.
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look "through" the ears

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PostPosted: 24.04.2006 16:37    Post subject: look "through" the ears Reply with quote

Dear Dr. Merck,

I have concerned myself with your stitch method for awhile now. Comparing it with the the old methods, I think your method is quite good.
I would like to know if one could maybe see the filaments after an operation. Let's assume that a patient who had an operation with you would stand in front of a source of light. Sometimes, if you look at someone from the front side it's possible to look "through" his ears.
This may sound ridiculous, but sometimes you can see their veins and they turn red in the light. My question is, if the filaments from your method would be seen in a case like that.

Furthermore, I wanted to know if I could send you some photos of my ears per email, so you could tell me if it would be possible to correct my ears or not.

Thanks for your trouble.

Sincerely yours

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Dr. Merck

PostPosted: 24.04.2006 16:44    Post subject: Reply with quote

Dear Guest,

The filaments, or threads, are not visible. I use colourless filaments and insert them well and deeply under your skin. Otherwise this method would never have been accepted by so many patients and doctors. No one would tolerate visible threads.
It would be good if you could send your photos by email, taken from the front, the back and from the sides.
I will answer and write you my opinion.
The email address is: info@merck-ecs.com

Kind regards
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