ECS Dr. Merck, Ear Correction System, Constance, Germany
This forum aims at comparing Dr. Merck's stitch method with traditional methods as well as documenting experiences with both kinds of operations.
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Miscellaneous information about your method

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PostPosted: 02.05.2006 08:19    Post subject: Miscellaneous information about your method Reply with quote

Hello Dr. Merck,
I?m interested in being operated on by you, but as a person who acts with caution, I've asked for advice about your method. My family doctor is absolutely committed to your method and told me that he's seen some really fantastic results.
But I also spoke with 2 medical specialists operating with traditional methods. They dissuaded me, saying your method isn?t good for every ear. They recommend that I go for one of the traditional methods, because they are proven to be successful.
I find these methods very unappealing, however. I?m a little bit confused. Why do I receive different information everywhere?
Would you please give me one clear answer?

Thanks a lot in advance for your response
Bernd M.
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Dr. Merck

PostPosted: 02.05.2006 08:19    Post subject: Reply with quote

Dear Bernd M.,

This is something I often hear from my patients. Family doctors brim over with enthusiasm for the method and refer patients to me for an operation. Specialists, however, who work with the traditional methods dissuade patients from mine - offering their own as the adequate one.

For me, the reason for this is pretty obvious. But I also wanted an unbiased opinion and contacted one of the most popular German surgeons in ear cosmetic surgery, Prof. Dr.med.Dr.dent. Hilko Weerda, who was previously the Medical Director of otolaryngology at the University Clinic Luebeck and retired not long ago.

He himself invented a variation of the traditional ear correction method. He wrote a book about ear cosmetic surgery, in which he described all variations of today's practiced methods. My method is named too.
He told me: "I performed some operations with your stitch method and I am convinced of this advantageous method. Unfortunately, I did not have enough time before retirement to perform many operations."
In the next edition of his book, he wants to dedicate an article to the stitch method.

About the conflict with other specialists who dissuade people from my method he says: "If you have success, you have to live with envy."
I think this says it all.

My personal statement:
1. Envy of the stitch method arises because doctors fear losing patients who would prefer a gentler, non-invasive method than their own.
2. There was envy due to the big response from the German press. One can imagine that fame does not come often or easy to an ENT doctor, no matter how good he is.
3. Many specialists are set (and stuck) in their ways. They don't want to consider the technique of my method. They've learned that skin incisions and cartilage reshaping is necessary for permanent results. Pain experienced by patients for days or weeks is viewed as something inevitable, as are the head bandages worn for 2 weeks and other various risks/bad cosmetic results. They can?t imagine that you can change something without cutting the ear. One would think that all the patients I have successfully operated on so far (way over 5000 ears) should have convinced them. Regettably this isn?t so.
4. Many specialists can't cope with my economic success from practising the stitch method. Operating with the traditional, invasive method, one can operate between 10 and 30 people a year. This is the number of patients I operate in 2 weeks. And this for some years. You can see the method found the approval of my patients.
5. Some specialists (falsely) think I am operating under a new name with a variation of a traditional method, the method of Mustarde. My method has absolutely nothing to do with this method, which isn?t suited for all ears and which, for this reason, did not succeed.

Kind regards,
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